“Healthy food changed my whole life”

Graduated in nutrition from the CERDEN in 2009 (European center for research and development in nutritherapy), I also studied enzymetherapy, which not only explains digestive issues but also the thin link between food and the way our body transforms it into energy. I was convinced of the thin link between food and health a few years ago.   When I first finished my studies of journalism at the University of Brussels, I started to suffer from the ulcerative colitis (chronic inflammatory bowel disease) that spoiled my life for many years. The medical profession was very clear: there was no connection between my food and my health. Not a single gastroenterologist advised me to consult a nutritionist. I swallowed, for almost 10 years, my cocktail of anti-inflammatory pills and cortisone, with little or no improvement in my health. Working under those conditions was particularly painful.

One day, I decided to meet a nutritionist. My diet changed drastically: no more dairy products, no more gluten, a very strict diet but very effective. After only a few days, less pain, fewer cramps and a little more energy. During 2 years, I followed this food plan to the letter, which allowed me to carry on my life as normal, gradually stopping all medications.

It was a real upheaval and unequivocal observation: the quality of my dish had an enormous impact on my health, a direct link on my level of energy and recovery. What a revolution! Hippocrates was right, my food was and still is my first medicine ...

Nutri-Challenge was created with Nouria Alami, a dietician & nutritionist, to raise awareness of both employers and employees on the 1001 benefits of a healthy and healing diet.